Residential Carpet Cleaning throughout Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire

99163348_sWhen you want your carpets cleaned, you don't just want them clean, you want them clean and ready to start walking on again with a minimum of fuss and time. Well, the good news is you have found the people that can help!

Ecoclean covers the East Midlands, throughout Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire. We have a very simple pricing structure with a minimum call-out charge.

What are the benefits of our dry carpet cleaning

  • Because we don’t use any water to clean your carpets, there is no downtime!
  • So not only do your carpets look amazing, but they are ready to use and walk on immediately.
  • We'll move furniture*, clean the area and simply put the furniture back to where it was as the carpets are instantly DRY.
  • We can clean all wool types, nylon, polyprop or a mix of these types and bring them back to life, almost like new.
  • Ecoclean Floor Care uses a natural biodegradable eco-friendly product that is completely safe for children and pets. There is ZERO risk of shrinkage or colour run.
  • We are Woolsafe accredited and Woolsafe trained, meaning we have the expert knowledge required to treat your wool carpets accordingly. Plus, of course, we are fully insured (for up to £10,000,000).
  • We clean all types of carpets and some rugs. Our system lifts the carpet pile (where possible) and extracts dirt that may be at the bottom of the carpet and leaves the area fresh smelling clean and ready to use!
  • We offer a free consultation and we’re completely transparent when it comes to offering the best advice to help you make an informed decision when having your carpets cleaned.

Having a regular cleaning programme can extend the life span of your carpets. Carpets are a big investment so keeping them in good condition keeps them valuable to you and futire homeowners. Talk to us about a regular cleaning schedule, which grants you ongoing preferential prices.

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*except really heavy or particularly fragile pieces.

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We had our sofa and lounge carpet cleaned, we had spilled red wine on them. Fortunately, Ecoclean managed to remove the stains. We would definitely recommend Connor and the team at Ecoclean.

We have used Ecoclean for the past 9 years and found them very efficient. The service is really good as we demand quality, being quality-driven ourselves. The carpets are cleaned to a high standard and the process is very quick

Our carpets needed a good clean, they had a few stains on them due to a dog that’s not really house-trained. The service was quick and efficient and our carpets looked like new afterward. Thanks to Connor for sorting so quickly!

I called Ecoclean to come to look at my Travertine kitchen tiles. They look fabulous after they cleaned them, with little disruption. Really really pleased with the service!

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